Sabinal, Texas, the Gateway to the Texas Hill Country

This small Texas town is located 13 miles west of the Co-op.

One of the major attractions is the annual Wild Hog Festival

held in late March.  Wild hogs of all sizes are trapped on local

ranches.  Two contestants are placed in a circular arena and a hog

is released for them to catch, place in a large bag and then drag

across a line.  The fastest time in each age group wins.  Age

groups range from 3-5 year olds catching baby hogs to adults

catching BIG hogs.  Lots of excitement!  Here are some short

(less than 3MB) videos:  LADIES & HEAVYWEIGHT


Antique and collectable shops.

Nearby attractions include:

Garner State Park

Lost Maples Natural Area

Numerous Wild Game Ranches