WiFi Instructions

The Lone Star Corral provides free shared Wi-Fi access for all its members and visitors.  We have outdoor Access Points (aka. towers, hotspots) spaced throughout the park.  These access points are individually named to indicate the lot upon which the access point is located (eg. "LSC-27").  For best connection speed and reliability, you should connect to the access point nearest to you.  A map of the park with the access points labeled is at the bottom of this page.  There is also an access point inside the clubhouse that appears as "LSC-Clubhouse."

The access points are encrypted and all connect to a central gateway and then on to the Internet via multiple shared DSL lines.  A password is required to connect to any access point, and a separate "Access Code" is required to get through the gateway to the Internet.  Both password and Access Code can be obtained from the office or any Wi-Fi Committee member.

There is sufficient shared bandwidth for email, web browsing, and limited Skyping, but not enough for streaming video for "smart" TVs or other Internet connected streaming video devices.  Attempts to stream video will invoke throttling by our gateway to avoid adversely affecting other users sharing the park's Wi-Fi system.  If you wish to be able to stream video you must use a private Internet connection method, such as a private DSL line at your lot (available from Southwest Texas Telephone Company), a private wideband wireless connection (obtained from a Wireless ISP such as CasCom or Rock Solid), or your own cellular data connection (Verizon has a tall cell tower 3/4 mile from the park).  Cable or fiber connections are not available in this area.